Mercedes' Tesla Model Y - the all-electric EQA!

Avaldati 20 jaan 2021
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This is the all-new Mercedes EQA! It’s the latest addition to Mercedes’ EQ range of all-electric vehicles, and this small SUV has got the Tesla Model Y in its sights!
It only comes with one choice of electric motor for now, which will produce 190hp and 375Nm of torque. It’ll also do 0 - 60mph in 8.9 seconds, which is pretty much the same as the GLA. And that should come as no surprise, given the EQA is based on the GLA!
As for the range, well it’s not too bad, coming in at 265 miles - even more than the bigger Mercedes EQC! Not only that, but with a 100 kWh fast charger, you can charge it from 10% to 80% in just 30 minutes. Better yet, there’s a new version of the EQA coming in the future, which will have a range of 310 miles!
So what do you think - is the EQA a true competitor for the Model Y? Let us know in the comments!
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  • So which do you think looks better - the Mercedes EQA, or the Tesla Model Y? VOTE BELOW!

  • Mercedes really needs to step up their game. This car wont do...

  • As a Benz owners, I hate these lights. GLC looks the best. Do NOT change that

  • Model Y already looks overly dated and not very well built.

  • So on Merc's EQA order page, they are down-selling customers to the EQC petrol ⛽️ version highlighting the cheaper upfront price and shorter lead time. EQA Doomed while still a baby ☠️

  • Fascinating, Merc fanboys beat the Tesla fanboys by about 5 to 1. Now watch the Merc fanboys stay clear of buying the Merc in droves. Tesla will sell 5-10 times as many Model Y's on German soil. Countless more globally.

  • Can you have actual real video on Model Y? If you aren't getting donor get mine to be reviewed.

  • the mercedes EQA

  • why would anybody be up Mercedes ass after the range of this EV😩😩im over them.

  • Not too enticing for the price and range... Tesla 3 or Y may just be it.

  • They need to hire a new exterior design team, this looks dull and simply plain.

  • When are you making a review on it? :) Can't wait!

  • 0-60 in 8.9 seconds.... LOL nice try.

  • "... I'm going to tell you everythinK you need"... lol

  • Rims on that are disgusting

  • Carwow: Your kW rating of the battery is not correct. The battery must have more peak discharge power (kW) than the motor(s) require. You were stating the kWh energy capacity of the battery, confusing it with the kW discharge power rating. It is time for car journalists to learn the basics of electric propulsion, and stop spreading confusion to your subscribers.

  • eqc died faster than you can say eqc and now they wanna introduce an eqa? LMAO

  • the tesla look better but the Mercedes EQA looks good

  • My mom wants to buy this car in april but I'm not a big fan of the design.

  • Who would like to see an AMG variant of the Mercedes EQA?🤔😁

  • The Mercedes EQA looks better in my opinion personally 👌😀🚙🚗

  • ugh touchscreen. Laggy too

  • mmm...a Tesla model Y plug - if anything...continuously through this video. FYI ..the jelly mold Model Y looks ghastly

  • Cheap silver stamped plastic everywhere, like Liberace designed. Pleased to see Mercedes as first the one to go.

  • Plus all model y's are 4 wheel drive

  • 👎

  • 👍

  • Still waiting for that running race m8

  • OwO

  • Very beautiful car!

  • *Tesla any day of the week for me. Superior in every way!*

  • they all look like frogs

  • I had a petrol GLA - it was 500Kg lighter, it had more range, it was a lot cheaper, it took 3 minutes to refuel, refuelling stations are abundant , and when in years to come when it is scrapped there'll be no specialist scrapper to take the battery off your hands for £ Mat, where's the progress?

  • They should make an AMG eqa

  • So it's unbelievably slow, ugly and expensive

  • i dont know but is it the real end of petrol or diesel engine car in 10years?because its not appealing to charge them if i go to another city or countryside if they dont have the charging station there

  • Price and range are a full blown mismatch...Model Y wins again.

  • Yeap. It does look better but it's smaller so we cannot compare it to their real value.

  • You mention real world in the video. Yet in the real world we use metric. Any possibility of using both measurements?

  • Model Y all day long. This aint in the same league.

  • Tesla any day of the week for me. Superior in every way.


  • And somehow, that shiny black plastic looks way worse than the grill 😖

  • A frighin soccer mom krautwagon that is electric! It doesn't get much more boring.

  • nice - was curious about this. More cars in this price range gives me more options when my current lease is up in 2022. Was model 3/Y but now adding ID3/4 and EQA to the shortlist. Hopefully BMW will come up with something similar by then - Would love an electric 4 series Gran Coupe

  • carwow

  • I wanted to buy a EQC but I bought a CLA 45 AMG So what exactly happened?

  • Y indeed

  • Ugly car!

  • 0 - 100 km/h at 8.9 secs......seriously? GLA 250 is clocking 6.6 secs.

  • 265 miles? Is that it?

    • That’s a decent amount of range for an electric car.

  • Both the Mercedes and the Tesla look like shit

  • German companies have caught up with Tesla and now they make better cars.

  • ITS UGLY!!!!!!!!

  • How many years or cycles, a battery is likely to last? And replacement cost?

  • Considering that the size of the car looks like a Golf I wonder who would want to buy for that price.

  • One of the most shonky Merc designs for a very long time. Rotten.

  • Next model: EAEIOU.

  • The stupid thing will probably still have a transmission tunnel like other Merc electrics 🤣.

  • ....And the same time as my 1.2, 75hp 2006 renault Clio!!!!!! XD

  • tbh EQ lineup is ugly

  • The title is not well chosen and also the video is confusing. The Model Y is a the size of the Mercedes EQC, while the EQA is a smaller one. Mercedes will compete against the Model X with its EQS SUV.

  • The electric intelligence is a direct copy of that in the KIA eniro.

  • I would love to see a drag race between X5s a M50d, M50 and a 5M🤔 should be interesting.

    • +...1... 2...1... 3... 9... 2...1... 7... 4... 6... 4

    • Write me up for stock advice

  • 100kW DC fast charging from 10% to 100% in around 30 minutes is slow when 125, 150, and even 200 and 300kW stations and compatible BEVs already exist.

    • +...1... 2...1... 3... 9... 2...1... 7... 4... 6... 4

    • Write me up for stock advice

  • Tesla in 2030: Q3 best quarter in History Tesla in 2050: Q3 best quarter in history Tesla in 2065: Q3 best quarter in our galaxy, deliveries to Mars are dojng great Tesla in 2100: Q3 best space ships sales ever, we will deliver more to our fellow alien friends

  • Lucid Air coming for all of you!!!!!!!!

  • I have a GLA and I liked the electric one ,gonna be hard to chose between Tesla Y and this EQA 🤨

  • EQA > Model Y

  • Review of E class cabriolet would be nice!

  • I bet everyone would get this car if it was CHEAP!

  • ...and the infrastructure to charge this ( and all elecs) in the average UK street home would be where? Until we have the network of home charging this ( like all ev's) will be a selective choice for many.

  • That back end 🤮 I think manufacturers just need to stop trying to make specific electric vehicles, they just need to take their standard cars and make them electric. Taking a leaf out of PSA's book.

  • Please review the new 2021 Jaguar E-Pace and F-Pace

    • +...1... 2...1... 3... 9... 2...1... 7... 4... 6... 4

    • Write me up for stock advice

  • So this is basically a gla in electric? Seems the same size

  • If the suv all have the prefix EQ then what will the sedans have? Curious to know.

  • "What do you drive ? " "An EQA" What the fuck mercedes....

  • drag: Audi s6 5.2 v10 vs BMW M5 5.0 v10 vs e class amg Audi s6 5.2 v10 vs s8 5.2 v10 vs rs6 5.0tfsi v10

  • Every car looks better than the Tesla

    • Tesla is Trash (maybe except its revolutionary electrical engine)

  • Ok ... How much?

  • Not keen on it

  • Electric cars are great but the price 😬 Why can't they just build cars that compete with the normal gas powered cars everyone buys. If it compares favorably with say a Toyota Corolla a helluva lot of people will buy electric.

  • Hello, please translate this video to russian

  • Read comedy of coffin on kindle..

  • Just another half assed compliance car.

  • well i hope it fail

  • Jag ipace🔥🔥🔥

  • It would make it unique if the entire from grill would light up

  • Very nice car

  • Don’t know what I really feel about this unibrow both in front and the back. Have they agreed with Audi that it has to have that to be electric?

  • Thank God they didn't just stick huge ipads

  • Is it better than the model y? Y Not!

  • EIGHT SECONDS to 60!?! My Model Y Long Range gets there in 4.0 - 4.1 with Acceleration Boost. Next.

    • Remember thebtime every less then 10 SEC to 60...was sporty! Now every digital kid wanna be a Racer and compete out of his driveway. I would just prefer less price and more range for my future electric car After all... My actual car does 0 to 60 in about less then 15 sec. And i just wish it dosent break a lot

  • It will be under 40k euros !

    • +...1... 2...1... 3... 9... 2...1... 7... 4... 6... 4

    • Write me up for stock advice

  • i love this design way better than the tesla

  • The Model Y is a Model 3 but stretched at the top and lifted which makes it loom weird and I like the EQA better

  • Looks far better than model Y

  • exterior...😂

  • Is the Tesla model Y really due in the UK in 2022 now ?

  • The 20” wheels look great! My favorite wheels of 2021 so far.