BMW X6M vs 675hp Jaguar F-Pace SVR 'Lister': DRAG RACE

Avaldati 30 jaan 2021
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It’s time for a BMW X6M vs Jaguar F-Pace SVR drag race!
Think it sounds unfair? Well, it normally would be… But this is no ordinary F-Pace! It’s been tuned by Lister and is called the Stealth, and whereas the regular SVR would pump out 550hp & 700Nm from its 5-litre supercharged V8, it now delivers 675hp & 881Nm!
As a result, it’s now more powerful than the BMW X6M, which puts down 625hp & 750Nm from its 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. What’s more, the Lister is actually more than 300kg lighter than the BMW!
It’s not all positive though. Even though it’s up on power, it’s lacking one feature the X6M has - launch control! Will it make a difference? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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  • i like the jaguar f pace SVR

  • Jaguar rear is ugly like an old lady... BMW is much better, more sporty and futuristic. ...

  • Jag won in every single aspect of life...stunning beauty and sound. Supercharged V8 and better looking vehicle by Miiiiiles 🤤 🐐 💦

  • BMW won the break test

  • Watch the replay yanni cheated in the drag race , he had an earlier start go and check it again

  • These cars are sooooo pointless.

  • next X6 vs GLE

  • I just came back from yanimiz vidio

  • Thumbnail photo, look at that ugliness 🤮

  • The intensity in yanni's eyes while breaking 👹

  • BMW fan girl 🔥❤️

  • Best comparison both are just equal .But I think JAGUAR win's.

  • Wow lister still exists? , I had childhood memories from Gran Turismo

  • 8:46 the engine light is on🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jaguar Displays at 5fps nice 😂

  • Missed the start, lost the race. Who'd have thunk it 🙄

  • BMW fan boy here. Yanni jumped the line.

  • Should've done the drag race again...........Mat toooooooooooo slow to react off the line :)

  • All tuned cars are trash. When two cars have the same power, the stock car wins.

  • Tuned vs factory a bit unfair. Get some tuned M6 and it will bit this Jag on every occasion.

  • Because it doesn't have launch control system

  • Any jaguar lover?

  • why is the engine light on ? lol

  • How many of us only drive in sport? I know I do

  • F Pace Lister vs JEEP Trackhawk (stock)

  • Love Yanni, what a character... You guys play off each other so well.

  • The hurt curve unknowingly deceive because whale unintentionally use than a demonic parallelogram. parsimonious, periodic swan

  • Jaguar is more speedy than bmw

  • Jaguar won

  • Too bad my f pace has gone through 3 water pumps in 20k miles. Aka not reliable Luckily it’s a lease

  • Hey matt do bmw x6m conpetition vs lamborghini urus

  • He forgot that he has a BMW 😂 LMFAO

  • If your going to do serious car reviews please keep to using people/presenters without over inflated egos.

  • Where jeep track howk

  • I know this is late. Can I have your X4M Yanni?

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 VS .....

  • Jaguar winn

  • You should try 'brake boost' then you can beat supercharger.

  • Todos hablan ingles

  • Bmw x6 comtichni

  • Turbos are still better they’re better top end and more efficient

  • Yanni jumped the first start. He didn't wait for the one counting down to drop her arms before setting off.

  • Jaguar best not bmw

  • Why doesn't he race the Typhoon version of the x6

  • I'd still have that F-Pace over the BMW.

  • "most realistic situation" 😂 who buys these cars and drives around in the slowest setting.. And why do you feel the need to test drag race performance for these people?

  • Land cruiser 200 X7 👍

  • I want to watch the race between the McLaren 765 and the Porsche 911 turbo s

  • Idk why everytime the cars wich you drive win everytime like is marketing ??

  • Trackhawk vs Jaguar

  • Amg gtr please

  • Jaguar won

  • Yianni 👍🏻😂

  • The SVR would’ve won the dragrace as well if yianni didn’t jump the start/if matt got a better start

  • There is only 1 issue , no real ///M driver has the car ever in comfort , it’s always in sport plus , that’s what the real world settings ... so I agree with Yanni DRIVE IN SPORT ALL THE TIME 😂

  • The jaguar had his engine light on

  • F pace wins the break test

  • Do a drag between Urus and x6M please

  • You have to do a race that has an BMW M4cs in it

  • Yianni kicks ass on this channel but he’s hilarious when he loses 😂😂😂

  • Jaguar is tunned? Or is stock ?

  • My beautiful bmw 300 kg plus and still king

  • How much is yanni earn per month?

  • X6 m competition vs urus please

  • Its boring to see thàt drag race

  • 7:12 facts xD

  • You need a drone to see from a bird point of view for the brake test in my opinion.

  • Yianni. Can you make me a wannabe bmw fan boy and give me your x4 that you forgot you had?

  • That Jag’s V8 sounds awesome.

  • I would surely get me that jaguar

  • I want just one😊

  • bmw fan boys have got here

  • I love bmws but that jag is one of the best looking suvs I’ve ever seen

  • @Mat Watson... Bro can we please have a race between the new X6 ///M Competition 🆚 the Jeep TrackHawk with @Yani on the wheel.

  • FPACE better looks better engine better sound better price

  • f pace for me

  • 3:43 i actually laughed so hard idk why lmao

  • You still could've won the drag race, if you had the rpm on 1k or 1.5k while your other leg is on the brake because you have no launch control

  • Yani the best 😂😂

  • Stealth Tactical UK

  • Matt what you never race the Mercedes Benz AMG SUV ?

  • Matt you know that the ultimate race will be between the BMW X-6 and the Lamborghini Horus y bet the X-6 will bite the Lamborghini

  • X4 M vs X6 M ?🤔

  • I am a BMW FAN BOY 😍😍🥰

  • Jaguar wins

  • We love jaguar

  • Lister stelth is the fastest suv in the world jaguar

  • Jeez a base F-Pace must be nonsense if a stage 2 couldn’t save it. Great job on the body work tho!

  • Its not fair Mat used tuned engine 😐

  • Yanni winning: YES COME ONE! Yanni losing: INTERESTINK

  • They took forever to

  • U got the launch wrong! Thats what happened

  • Video idea: drag race your own cars

  • yanny you lost :)

  • could you please do a van drag race

  • bmw won

  • “I’ve smashed him “ Mat Watson

  • 8:51 the longest death stare ever

  • U should film from above with a drone when you guys do the brake test, for a better view:)

  • BMW jumped the start slightly first race.