BMW M5 1000hp v £1.15M Rallycross Racers: RACE...and EXPLOSION!

Avaldati 23 jaan 2021
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Evolve's BMW M5 is BACK, and it's going up against three rallycross superstars!
We've all seen what this incredible M5 can do, with its tuned 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 able to produce 1000hp! As for the rallycars? Well, none of them can match the power of the M5, with the lead competitor being the MINI with a 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that can put down 600hp & 1,000Nm!
However, the M5 has one major disadvantage compared to the competition... It weighs in at 2 tonnes, while all three rallycross cars come in at just 1,300kg!
So what do you think - is the M5 now the underdog?! Mat & Yianni have joined forces to see if they can take down these superstars, and all we know is, this race isn't to be missed!!
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  • Fantastic

  • Matt, you laugh like a pre-teen girl. I’d not noticed before which must mean you were super giddy on the day.

  • The plucky narcissus invariably connect because cd karyologically x-ray plus a wooden supply. changeable, magical string

  • The rally car does HALF A MILE PER GALLON BrUh that’s a lot a gas⛽️😂

  • BMW won because of rally cars very short gearing Ford 200 is laughably under built - 4 hours between engine rebuilds. Pathetic.

  • Σ'έχει βαρέσει το brexit στο κεφάλι!

  • I've seen an RS200 build done a few years ago that had 1100 horsepower, pretty sure it would have all those modern cars for breakfast.

  • How can you compare all that complete shite against a ford RS 200. A legendary mythology car.

  • So not gonna talk about the 9 second 1/4 mile that the Mini surely clocked the first time??🤦🏼‍♂️.

  • Best race everr

  • 😂😂🤣👍🏽

  • Can you add Turkish subtitles for Turkish viewers? 🥺

  • Parking a Ford next to a burning car... Very brave!

  • Mat you’re big mate is annoying, can you use someone anonymous please 😁

  • Yianni: the yellow ca- *+mat proceeds to cut him off+* Mat:ALSO KNOWN AS THE FORD FIESTA RALLY RALLYCROSS CAR

  • Again the utterly useless wearing of masks. Matt has probably touched his face and mask more than 10 times. All people do that not just him. Adding wonderful bacteria for your face and lungs to breath in. You would have been off better without it. Just like the rest of the world. But everyone is following blindly... Sad stuff

  • Very good


  • This is a great vedeo and fantastic race I'm not a fan of the This new generation of the rally cars!! But anyway this is was a great vedeo why over 2000 idiots guys dislike this vedeo?!! Cheers from Norway

  • 12:29 Ahahahah

  • Is it just me or were they running racing slicks on damp concrete on everything except BMW? :)

  • That fatso can't get in. Poor guy.

  • Matt is like when ur dad races with another guy on the highway

  • That MINI is insane 😀❤️

  • Mat an yanni these guys have so much fun

  • i love the energy from Mat and Yianni made the race way better

  • Barbadian in the building

  • Yianni is wearing his mask in reverse(inside out).

  • Now Matt should drives the others cars and see what’s happens

  • Get out of the fucking car dude you are getting 72 plus kg! Whyyyy?

  • Did I hear 4 hours between engine rebuilds

  • 2:01 what the heck....

  • Like we always say rally drivers are on another level

  • Nah bmw never be build a better sports car in history of racing 😂😂😂

  • Si vous voulez vraiment comparer faites la même sur une piste de rally cross et la on va rigoler 🤣

  • Yani in the back = more grip :)

  • Explosion? Bit of smoke

  • Quickaaaaaaaarrrr

  • Hero’❤️🙏🏻❤️

  • Why are you wearing masks

  • so much fun ... both

  • Good vid

  • Jaymee Roman ​𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽ ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽ ?

  • Jaymee Roman ​𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽ ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽𒐫ဪ﷽

  • I wanna know what the first run times was

    • I agree. That was the most accurate results.

  • maybe with Ken Block's electric mustang?

  • Take 1 car with a 1000hp and race against (in a straight line) cars with half the Hp??? What dick thought this was good? Now run them in a forest stage and see where you get.

  • 2:58 “thank you”😂

  • The group b car that should have been used was the lancia delta 4

  • Why didnt the first race count?

  • Mate your tyre warming technique fucking sucked Jesus Christ... captain slow can do better than that😂😂😂

  • Rally cross cars all day. People don’t understand how fast they car the BMW is just some street car crap.

  • M5

  • 10:00 mat was torturing yianni

  • What a boring video pointless and shite and presenter is a melter.


  • No sound check and times were not shown on first 2 races but time shows as soon as the bmw wins... thats not fair at all 😂😂😂

  • de gele was bij de 1e run 2e de bmw was 3e

  • BMW 2004 M5 E60 V10❤

  • In rally cross the BMW will be behind for weeks...

  • "The m5 is the fastest car we had" Bmw fans: hah this is normal Merc fans: ...

  • Great vid Keep it up guys

  • You forgot the roll race

  • Mat definitely quicker reaction than Yani 😂

  • Where’s the Audi s1 sport Quattro e1

  • My opinion Mat exactly driver

  • So what I learnt today is a stock 911 turbo s will beat world rally cars in a drag race, and lose by .1 of a second to a 1000hp BMW

  • Awh man makes me so sad about that rs200 it's one of those bucket list dream cars I'll most likely never have a chance to own

  • Too many advertisements,great videos ruined

  • Nehmt die scheiss Masken runter oder habt ihr Angst das die Autos corona kriegen ansonsten schaue ich kein Video mehr von euch.

  • Turn off as soon as I see that other fella

  • race is at 10:30

  • Never pay £600000 for the mini if I had 600000000000 billion in my account

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  • Brook I love yani ... Yani hypes me up too good 🔥🔥🔥

  • Those cars will never have the rs200 status though. My fav even if did blow up 😂

  • so funny

  • I love the m5 is soo fast

  • BMW is the boss as usual!

  • That BMW

  • BMW destroying

  • Wow

  • عالی بود 😆❤👏

  • Carwow

  • Still 911 turbo S is NUTS

  • I saw an rs200 at Cadwell around 92 with 600hp. Mark Rennison driving I think. It was absolutely insane. I think there was even an S1 with 750hp

  • the best drag race in history of the channel really

  • Now that might be a video that gone wrong but still cool

  • 2 idiots wearing surgeon masks in a drag race because some other idiots are making laws thereby advised by another group of idiots who actually know better but are under the influence of media idiots who think they can make the truth and crucify anyone who speaks against them. How very sad!

  • Yianni should of been like you are in the back as you are slow mate!

  • V8 or not... That mini sounds phenomenal redlining 😍

  • 10:18

  • If Yanni went on a diet the BMW would win

  • "what exactly happened?" yanni sitting in the back gave more traction to the rear wheels

  • Ford living up to its name

  • I'll still take an RS 200 over almost any other car ever made. Manual Porsche 997.1 911 Turbo being the only thing I would take over it

  • Noice

  • Yani always cheats, this time he go caught by two racers who were

  • Gianni and Mat siempre is sittown in the same side, This car, Much too weith for is mismo side, This car,