Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Ferrari 488 Pista vs Lamborghini Huracán Performante - DRAG RACE

Avaldati 14 nov 2020
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It’s time for a Saturday supercar showdown!
The Ferrari’s the most powerful car in this line-up, with a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 able to put down 720hp & 770Nm of torque! What's more, it's also the lightest competitor today, weighing in at just 1,385kg.
As for the Lamborghini, it’s definitely going to be up for the challenge, given it’s packing a 5.2-litre V10! However, the power output is slightly less than the 488 Pista, at 640hp & 600Nm.
And then we come to the Porsche 911 Turbo S. With a 3.8-litre flat-six it’ll put down 650hp & 800Nm. So when you’re just looking at the stats, you may think the Ferrari is the favourite… But let’s be honest, this isn’t our first 911 Turbo drag race, and it’s already swept so many competitors aside!
But will it be the same story here? Or will the lighter 488 Pista snatch the win? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
Thanks to Phil for bringing his 488 Pista - eeclone.info/vision/qQzg-opl1MIwDsy5D58PuQ
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  • facebook.com/thehottestcar/

  • ICE crap. Tesla all day everyday. In Musk we trust.

  • the spider version is heavy tho. maybe if they use the coupe version of the performante, the result will be closer

  • Ferrari

  • But the Lamborghini would destroy them on a track.... look at the Nurburgring times

  • Would like to see testing the Porsche 9ff 911 GT3

  • Its the pista for me

  • yanni sucks

  • Pista driver left the line late every time

  • The most famous car reviewers on EEclone are all Porsche fan at heart , Mat Watson, Chris Harris, Richard Hammond, Jay Leno, Nico Rosberg, Salomondrin and many others I can't remember. Porsche is superior to Ferrari in every way it may not have the wow factor like the Ferrari but it's a daily car and will last a life time plus Porsche is the undisputed king of Nordschleife the toughest and most challenging race track in the world.

  • Everyone still wondered why the Porsche is much quicker for much less

  • When u first reved The Porsche it sounded like my dads car when it's in leap mode

  • Ferrai win

  • The Ferrari driver not using launch control he ran 10.6, should be running 10.1 with launch control

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  • Porsche for sure!

  • Plzz plzz do a 911 turbo s vs 918 spyder

  • Ferrari driver - WAKE UP MAN

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  • Please do a drag race between turbo s and gt2 rs

  • Ferrari is designed to be driven at high speed .It is a pure racing marque.Won a mountain of World Championships.Porsche is not,so it does better in traffic.What did you expect.

  • Turbo S literally taking off beyonds electric car 😑

  • 2:28 thats when a koenigsegg overtakes a bugatti

  • Lambi will win

  • Phil what u doing mate?

  • Pista. Pissed on.

  • I’d love to see you drag a 991.2 turbo s vs the 992

  • eeclone.info/glo/2KOsg6OHqn1z14o/video

  • The perfect definition for Porsche is: “Efficiency”

  • I could only hear the Lamborghini. Lambos always win the sound test. They never lose in the sound test. that's why Yianni says "Lambo, All Day, Every Day".

  • Challenge for carwow; find a production car under 400K to beat a turbo S in the quarter mile.... or find a tuning car under 100k to beat the 911

  • Do a drag race against the 992 Porsche 911 turbo s vs the 991 Porsche 911 GT2 Rs vs 991 Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs 991 Porsche 911 turbo vs 991 Porsche 911 Turbo s vs 992 Porsche 911 Carrera 4s vs 992 Porsche 911 carrera 2s

    • The guy in the ferrari was fucking noob

  • Let’s get a GT2RS in a race before the year is over 🙏

  • Can someone go get the Goddamn Rimac to verse this Monster, it ain't ever getting rolled otherwise I swear!

  • Porsche easy

  • Eyes say Lambo Brain says Porsche Heart says Ferrari Wallet says 2003 Kia Spectra

  • Anyone can build a loud car a put a ridiculous price on it

  • Damn, that freaking pista makes the huracan look like a fiat panda in the roll race

  • Porsche..off the line, Killer !

  • if this test is not done by professional pilots, it is fun, but it is not valid.

    • 1:44 Mat: sounds like my dyson vacuum cleaner 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 3 years later: turbo s vs 4million hp rocket but turbo s still wins

  • The pista destroyed the Porsche.in the streets race now one will race from dig

  • Thumbs up on the hair👍

  • we all love porshe we don't have to watch to know the winner, try a porshe 911 vs a bugatti veyron.

    • Would be great to see the 1000hp M5 vs the Porsche 911 Turbo S😎

  • intead of naming it porcshe 911 they should have named it porcshe rocket

  • That Ferrari is faast...get the launch right and it's trouble 🤙

  • The guy in the ferrari was fucking noob

  • ferrari cheated in the brake test

  • i love how mat doesn't really care if anyone wants another go because he know he will win

  • I mean the f8 tributo does 10.28 in a 1/4mile and the pista is faster, the pista needs a proper driver

  • very bad driver in the rarri but sh*t how fast is that thing in a rolling race LOL... 6 seconds faster than them both 0-300kmh....

  • 3 years later: turbo s vs 4million hp rocket but turbo s still wins

  • That Ferrari is faster then their current F1 car

  • 1:44 Mat: sounds like my dyson vacuum cleaner 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • porsche first, ferrari second, lambo third my reckon

  • I had to watch the video in 0.5x to be able to see the 911 during that drag race. What a monster it is 🧐

  • Pista overtakes the regular version of the huracan, but can not overtake the Spider, although it was clear that the Ferrari started last and began to catch up with the Lamborghini, and given the fact that the huracan Spider is slightly slower than the coupe version, then everything is clear. I would also like to say that I recently watched a video where a Lamborghini scv12 (this is a new track car from Lamborghini) overtakes a laferrari fxx-k evo on some track. Can't remember what it is called, whether ELISA, whether ihese don't remember. So, the Lamborghini is quite a bit ahead on that track this Ferrari, and all the fans of the Lamborghini (I translated from the translator, as there is an English video and comments, respectively) say that the Lamborghini is not yet at full speed, etc. first: they have a difference of five years. Second: the Ferrari is more powerful and more torque, and this new track car is also rear-wheel drive, in theory, Ferrari should tear it in the drag, given that they are both rear-wheel drive and the Ferrari is more powerful (1050 vs 830 HP), more torque. Third: the Lamborghini wins in weight and downforce. Ferrari has 620 kg, I think, and Lamborghini has 1200 kg. At maximum speed, everything increases by +200 kg. Fourth: I say again that they have a difference of five years. Fifth: if a car has driven faster than another on one track, it doesn't mean that it is faster

  • Everyone thought the Ferrari and the Lambo would win 🤪

    • Show me a comment that thought that? Or is it just what you think?

  • Would be great to see the 1000hp M5 vs the Porsche 911 Turbo S😎

  • Can someone wake Phil up for the race please?

  • Mat badly needs a haircut 💇 💇

  • Nobody whould win against porsche

    • Did you really see the video ? Check at 4:39 and 5:35 ...

  • Dyson won

  • Why the fk is the thumbnail look like game?

  • I don’t no what car I prefer I like the three 😍😍

  • I like the three car 😍😍

  • 👌🏾❤️

  • What would be a good race would be that 911 turbo S vs the previous generation 911 GT2 RS

  • 1 Ferrari 2 Porsche 3 Lamborghini

  • I thought the Ferrari guy can't drive cars

  • Lambo Evo vs Turbo S please!

  • its Lambo where's yanny

  • I love the vid so funny aha

  • Porsche is a killer

    • i watched it three times

  • I don’t even know why Phil bought the Ferrari 🚮

  • Was that guy driving this Ferrari for the first time? Learn to launch...

  • the ferrari driver has so slow reactions


  • That Lambo has so much first inside and out

  • I love the Porsche

  • Ferraris are only big on paper lol

  • Sport plus yaaaaaa

  • Pista any single day. Definitely the best all around car, specially on a track. Even if it a little bit slower at a drag race.

  • Hard pick probably the 911. But I love the Ferrari 💜

  • el ferrari no merece ese piloto

  • Excellent !😉👍🏁🏁

  • Porsche. defintely.

  • Ferrari Forza

  • PORSCHE 918 SPYDER!!!! we need that next

  • the 992 turbo s talks the talk and walks the walk. XD

  • I mean I’d still take the pista over all

  • Think the guy in the pista saw the start decided to make a cuppa then start.

  • Drivers inside their cars and the guys that starts the race standing in the middles of air field in a mask.... OMG what a bunch of bo***** Nice race but stupid background......

  • Porsche i think

  • wow!

  • The guy in the pista sucks at the drag race. His reaction speed is well off

  • Just a big smile on my face! :-D

    • My dream car lamborghini lost just give it another chance this time with the lamborghini aventador SVJ

  • I think there should be a race between a dodge demon and porche 911 turbo S