Toyota GR Yaris vs Litchfield GR Yaris: DRAG RACE *results of a £640 tune*

Avaldati 17 veebr 2021
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It’s time for a Toyota GR Yaris showdown! We’ve brought in the regular GR Yaris to take on a Litchfield-tuned GR Yaris.
We all know by now that the regular GR Yaris is powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine and that it’ll produce 261hp & 360Nm. However, the Litchfield edition has been fitted with a Piggyback ECU along with a special air filter, and as a result, it now produced 302hp & 390Nm!
So the tuned car seems like the clear favourite on paper, and when you consider it only cost £640 for the upgrade, we’re wondering whether a visit to Litchfield is the obvious choice for any GR Yaris owner?
There’s only one way to find out for sure - LET’S RACE!
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  • Hi Mat here: do you wish I'd stop going on about the GR Yaris. Or do you want more content on it?

    • More. I'm kinda impressed. 12 9 from a 3cyl. Nice.

    • Tuned gr yaris vs gp mini vs type r

    • MORE

    • S t o p

    • Pls stop, it's boring.

  • Not really significant, it would have been necessary to test the unmodified car before the clash. Frankly this is not a good preparation

  • £640 for a PIGGYBACK tune? No thank you. The only piggyback I would ever trust is Burger Tuning’s JB4.

  • Defo worth the another £600 for the tune. Brilliant video

  • I would love to see that tuned gr yaris vs stock mk 8 golf r

  • i like to see some vaexhall vxr on this channel, there is not 1 vauxhall video so far i know

  • Hey mat how could feel happy to see gr YARIS against 2.0 Toyota supra drag race please

  • When you run out of content

  • The tune probably sacrificed it's midrange power and made it slower just for some numbers

  • what does flat shit mean?

  • Flat shifting?! Jesus Christ. RIP clutch, transmission and sense...please, no more.

  • Pls dyno test... is not 40hp + fake!!

  • *Finally these people know how to shift right*

  • Does it always blips in high revs as you shift or you just kept the gas pedal floored as you shifted?

  • 100 hp per cylinder lol its 10 more than a 720s

  • too bad this car is ugly and so expensive. Why they don't put this motor in the GT86 ? the car would then be almost perfect

  • Stage 1 vs Stock

  • The fucking state of them yokes, the back end looks like a hare ready to run for the hills

  • To be fair, you should have a third person call in the countdown during your rolling races.

  • 100hp per cyl is flipping insane!!

  • Please make a Audi S1 vs Toyota GR Yaris

  • audi s1 vs yaris vs i30n pls

  • Don’t u guys want a driver like the stig from Top gear show 🙂

  • 4:48 Now that is scary!!!!! I'm sleeping with the light on tonight.

  • Ferrari S90 Vs 911 turbo s Vs 720s Vs Evolve M5

  • Ain't worth the money

  • 640 quid for a tune and filter for fucksake.

    • Hi Mat here: do you wish I'd stop going on about the GR Yaris. Or do you want more content on it?

  • Will you be reviewing the new Corolla Excel 2021, Sport Tourer? Happy to click the pop put banner or the link below the video, I am been to help me car wow, and I have liked and subscribed, so how about it Matt?

  • For that amount of money I would expect a better quarter mile

    • What quarter mile time would you expect from a new 30k car - it has a sub 12 second time which is pretty good

  • Hp to weight ratio has to be insane 😳

  • Matt pls put the stats in a little table as you call out the numbers plsssssss

  • Thats not 40 hp more bs

  • Dam now we wil have a hard time passing all the grandmas in ther yaris whit 300hp

  • Imagine saying “got it!” Every gear shift you made...

    • Hey guys- I just started a EEclone channel with my Mk7 golf R STAGE 2, please check it out if possible, thank you!

  • So mad we don't get these in the states.

  • Is the countdown girl s girl or guy it’s been bugging me for a long time

  • @matt please can you do this exact video with the RS6 🙏🏼

  • Finally a tune that did not break a sweat and shows some good increase

  • This is publicity for Lichfield!

  • £640 to get Mat 1 car length ahead over a 1/4 mile. Bargain ! Bloated, expensive, over-hyped, nasty interior, sounds shit, but I'm still glad Toyota have made it.

  • eres malisimo cambiando marchas

  • pues asi casi todos los coches turbo

  • Tuned vs Stock.? Complete waste of time. This smug acts like he's the one.

  • Toyota should Supercharge this little missile like the previous yaris grmn

  • Fansnya fitra eri

  • Drag race, same car, one in comfort mode the other in sport mode? How big of a difference?

  • Just send it already.

  • Doblenlo al español, 😎

  • 640£ tune? That raise in power is worth like max 300£ in my country

  • Hey guys- I just started a EEclone channel with my Mk7 golf R STAGE 2, please check it out if possible, thank you!

  • Do a 2020 Honda Accord sport 2.0!

  • I want to see race this modified Yaris vs mini Cooper JCW GP

  • What a waste of £640!

  • Having watched this just get the air filter

  • I live in America. I have never wanted to trade my Corolla Hatch XSE for something so much. But we can’t get the good Yaris.

  • I need money

  • The only tuned car on this channel thats actually faster than the stock in a quartermile

  • A BMW335i had the same amount of power!

  • Some power shifts were made... don't punish the MT ;)

  • You mean that the same car with 40 more hp is faster ??! 😱😱😱 no one could have imagine

  • Compare it with a car that it is at a same category and price ,like the mini gp, how much money Toyota give to all of you to not compare it with a car that cost the same? Good marketing from Toyota, because if someone see the Toyota get destroyed by a car that cost the same, they don't buy this palstic scam

  • This moves bro rami gadiyaaa😂😂

  • The extra oomp compensate the little amount of turbo lag in this tuning!

  • Der fahrer kann fahren Trotz weniger Leistung musst du dich anstrengend

  • you got 40hp more, and there is not much different?

  • NYのシャツかよ

  • Would it have performed much better had it bee tuned by the guys that tuned that BMW M5 to give it 1000hp? Unfortunately I can't remember their name.

  • The fact that the tuned version did 12 seconds 😱😱😱😏

  • Hardly worthwhile spending the money and also losing the warranty.

  • Still prefer mine 🤣

  • What's the point of this car? Overpriced, unpractical hot hatch, it's quick because it's small and light. Interior looks old and cheap, gauges are low resolution. For the same money you can buy Civic type R, GTI, Megane RS, Focus RS, the list goes on..

    • Practicality and interior are two things that are utterly unimportant in a performance car like this - if you want those you can but a Ford Focus, Audi A3, Honda Civic etc, but they are in no way comparable to a homologation special

  • When will be camaro drag

  • A couple of car lengths at the end of a quarter mile drag race is hardy any difference in real world driving. I'd rather pocket the £600 amd keep the warranty and reassurance of the standard setup.

  • Bang on about how fast they are yet still slower then the mini 🤔

  • The normal GR Yaris launch was a GODSEND

  • Not available in the US maybe cuz Toyota think it will not sell well?

  • Can we have someone else to drive the manuals

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 carwow

  • Although it's a good car, I still prefer civic type r design 🤷

  • I’m still peeved that the US doesn’t get this car.

  • I enjoy these vids more when Mat loses.

  • 25 grand, and future sales royalties for this Matt 🙈 #JWW

  • Well the tuned one is 2018 whilst stock is 2020 suspicious

  • I love the idea. Sure a lot of people would appreciate you testing the big youtubers tuned cars against stock versions, to see if the extra money was really worth it. Be a few downsides to it but would be interesting

  • These videos are so much better with sound off... Though watching Mat's unfortunate gear changing does take away from the visual experience.

  • From what I've seen here the tune isn't worth the money and loss of warranty.

  • Why's it always raining in Victoria?

  • Nice these are great cars

  • So, £160 for every 1/10 of a second on a 1/4 mile. Is it worth it? Do you ever look at Dyno graphs to see the best time to shift?

  • why does the countdown man have a girl voice

  • Tuned GR Yaris vs Audi S3 Sportback please thanks

  • do that on DRY road.... useless now. that piggybag is prob 15 hp more ali junk

  • The long term bills will be a lot more than £600 when it blows up


  • When 765LT???

  • 0:20 don't forget the stickers Mat

  • Ridiculus tuning just for....loosing the validation of factory Garantee ! The performance seems only +10/12Hp but not even 1 horse more! Very bad effort and I' m suspecting to be fixed an extra chip case product like ''ChipTuning'' just connecting to the main c.b.u and giving pure tuning data

  • Conclusion...the car with the more power wins. Bit of a pointless video2 b honest

  • What's Toyota's reason for not bringing this to NA?

  • Mat Watson always raves about the cars a manufacturer lends him. He is literally the worst reviewer about. Biased to say the least.