My new Audi RS6 daily driver - but have I made a mistake with the spec???

Avaldati 17 nov 2020
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So what does the man who’s not satisfied with an recently picking up an AMG A45 S or Suzuki Jimny get himself? Well an Audi RS6, of course!
Ok, so he’s not bought it - it’s just on loan to him from Audi for the next six months. But even so, he still got the chance to build it to his exact specification. From the trim level (no prizes for guessing which he went for!) through to choosing specific interior & exterior options, this car has been specced exactly to his taste… And he’s here to show you what he’s gone for!
With a 4-litre twin turbo V8 which produces 600hp & 800Nm, we all know it’s got what it takes to perform on track! But how does it perform when looking to live with it as a daily driver? And more importantly, do you agree with the style that Mat’s gone for?! Keep watching to find out, and don’t forget to comment with what you think about his choices!
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  • Mat's gone and got himself yet another car... And we think it's absolutely stunning! Sadly, the same can't be said for the rest of his collection 😳 Want to take a look at what he's got? Head over to his personal channel:

    • Stunning it is but Scotty Kilmer says ENDLESS MONEY PITS and I agree, can't keep it more than 70,000 miles or else it starts breaking down. I have a 2018 audi s4 with 29,000 miles and the engined conked off once.

    • Love racing super cars

    • Matt I like your car but why do you have to buy 4 door salons it may have 600 hp but I heavy pls buy a proper sports car with 2 doors pls read this🙏🙏

    • I used to work for BMW and we had a 5 or 7 series in this colour combo and we couldn’t sell it. Btw the Audi salesman would have literally told you anything to sell a car. “Pink with yellow seats? Spots, too? And chromed wheels?” - Yes sir, that’s a great decision.

    • Jesus Christ that colour is appalling: probably looks great highly polished and in a showroom, but it’s absolutely horrible in the skin. “How do I save money, CarWow?” “Order it in this colour as it devalues the car by 20% so buy nearly new and you’re on”

  • Subscribe 😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥

  • Get Yiannimize to wrap it for you!

    • nice videosI’m living for this video!!!!

  • Good god. You can tell Mat's a brummy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Just send it to Yanni, have it rap - Black Crome

  • Fucking fucked that mate. Sorry man.

  • I think the green paint is effing gorgeous! It really sticks out in a great way.

  • Did you spec this car without wearing your glasses? You seem surprised by your own choices.

  • What drugs are you on? good luck when it comes to selling it. Lol

  • I love it! Colour is cool, because it's different and compliments the interior colour perfectly. Options are spot on. I have a Q7 (partly thanks to your recommendations) with air suspension (again, because of you), adaptive cruise, Matrix LEDs, etc and I love it. However, I dream of your new car - arguably the most complete all-round car money can buy!

  • What's that black stripe under your right arm at minute 6:04 and later? Was the "black pack" option paint still wet? 😂😂😂

  • Does he really own all those cars or he just lent them

  • Mat is slowly starting to grow into a topgear-esque character. new superstar

  • You are right to be suffering buyer's remorse. The colours inside and out are hideous!

    • I enjoy this combination. Great choice!

  • Well Matt you know what they say...once you go black😅 You can’t go back.

  • i like green but green doesn't suit this car

  • 7:28 -- I can't do this at home :(

  • Nardo Gray 100% yellow if it was an option 🤣

  • What a bloody awful colour Oh and your girlfriend isn't wrong, green cars have long been considered unlucky. Love the tobacco interior btw

  • The AIRBAGS are EXTRA?

  • who else heard the accent at 11:00

  • POV VIEW 💦👌👌👉👅

  • I’ve been thinking of investing in bitcoin but I’m afraid of loss

  • How much money do you make jesus aha

    • the interior goes wow with your outfit, said the hippopotamus:-)

  • It’s crazy to think that the Type 5G an Estate car at that, wields the power of a super car like a Pagani Zonda or a Lamborghini Huracán!

  • ... Black dicks (had to say it) I still love Matt though :D

  • Looks stunning!

  • Get it wrapped at least you can always come back to green if u wanted to and you can wrap it to w.e u prefer it in.. 🤷‍♂️

  • "Red and Green should not be seen" People from Portugal right now: "Why you bully me?"

  • I enjoy this combination. Great choice!

  • Matt, is CarWow hiring? Just curious...;)

  • You are driving on the wrong side Just sayin

  • What happened to the G63??

  • wheres yaris?

  • burnt orange or a matte green and a Genesis GV80.

  • Bring carwow to canada

  • What utterly horrible colour ...seen it before ...bloody horrible.

  • Goodwoodgreen has entered the chat

  • Sorry Matt, love your vids, but this RS6 is bloody grim in that colour mate, inside and out. Sell it quick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the interior goes wow with your outfit, said the hippopotamus:-)

  • That green is incredibly horrid and is destroying all that amazing car!!!!!!

  • Sorry, Mat - I'm not keen on the green, either. Sorry! (But then I ordered my new Z4 in San Francisco red from a brochure, without seeing it in the metal, and was disappointed with that on delivery, too - sigh!)

  • Get it bright red or get Yannii to wrap in matt black

  • Green = money 💰

  • Love cars ??

  • Call Yanni quick!

  • Terrible choice of colors, both interior and exterior. I thought you a stylish dude, Mat!

  • Those stains on the seat were not coke splatter... more like cock splatter

  • The green/ tan if awesome! I think the A45 has to go, if you consider each vehicle as a tool for a certain job. And why have a Miata as well as a 911? Is one the driver, and the other more precious?

  • It's an RS6. Pink, Orange, poca dots. Who cares??😁😁

  • Totally agree, green should have been a darker tone

  • Mate I’d live with your colour mistakes..I mean choices! A beautiful car! Since this model launched I’ve been in drool mode 🤤. I have a 2017 Skoda Superb 4WD 206kw/276BHP wagon here in Australia & I LOVE IT! Each day I check the shed I’m hoping it’s transformed into an RS6 overnight.🤣 Stunning looking car Mat.👍🏼😎

  • So Cood..!! matt!! i saw this video in korea bb

  • @mat You are in overton?

  • Grove Street got an upgrade.

  • I actually like the color and the interior color but maybe lighten it up a little bit more or make it darker but I could take the green color out of this now I still like it

  • i dont have car im 37 years old and You are complaining about this audi hasn't have massage seats. Learn to Thanks to god i ve audi

  • I think best combination between interior exterior. What do u except u cant get better than this

  • Black it outs. Wheels etc. It'll look gorgeous.

  • Wrap it black. Interior works!

  • Typical British choice! You fool! Of all the beautiful colors you could choose from.. No Sympathy.

  • Those spatter marks dont look like coke!

  • Love that green, close to the green you could get Mk1 Escorts in. I am the only one to object to those shiny black panels in the grill that make all high end Audi's look like plain clothes cop cars?

  • That interior in a Rs6 🤮 10 years time people will be like who would order this combination, sorry it looks shite which I never thought I would say ever about an RS6

  • Audi: “We do a whole spectrum of colours between black, grey and white....we will do blue if you are a maverick ...we also do red and green if you are not right in the head for an extra £700”

  • I was surprised when you started criticising the interior and exterior colour choice that you had chosen. I thought you were very honest about spending an eye watering sum of money and then casually saying there were aspects of the car that you didn't like. Then you admitted it was on loan from Audi for 6 months. Alright for some!

  • James may spec interior.....

  • idk how youll afford that yaris gr now

  • Only now you have adaptive cruise control?? LOL And had to pay a LOT for it. My volvo v60 polestar has that since end 2016 lol

  • Matt is Flexing Now...! ! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • ja good one: "it´s a bit too green!" ( but its actually called passive-aggressive...

  • Love the color combination 😍

  • I would have specced it exactly like that, reminds me of the green and tan 812 spec!

  • 7:27 Am I the only one who drives cars on roads and not homes?

  • *Mat not holding the starring - TELLING DON'T DO IT AT HOME *LE ME- IS MAT DRIVING CAR AT HOME 😹😹

  • If you made a mistake..... Imagine the loss you'll make for me😅

  • good on you. Every fecking car is, black, white, grey.. Looks great in the ext and int.

  • Get the new Yaris

  • I thought everyone knew you get Audi's in blue exterior and interior, although I'd go black.

  • That green is sooooo ugly man! It totally destroying the beauty of the new RS6 😭😭

  • Your honesty is what gets you all these nice cars!

    • So nobody is gonna say anything about the coffee stain on the side of the console ?

  • TIL the carwow guy is fucking rich

  • Such a nice car, but already got stains on the leather...

  • Need some new GoPros!

  • I think it's too dark inside to have tan seats. Other than that, nice

  • Should have had the silver trim not black

  • Go to topaz with The car! They probably can make the car darker

  • Blue with brown interior

  • Stop whinging man , most people haven't got the GREENBACKS to buy one.

  • Doesn't bode well for your service helping people choose the right car if you can't do it for yourself. Also you road tested the GR Yaris but it isn't a car you can select on the Carwow website.

  • That green looks great and the tan leather is gorgeous and makes a pleasant change from the usual boring black or vagina red that some manufacturers seem to offer, so no you haven't made a mistake (unless you count the lack of red brake callipers)

  • Mat, the new car looks good, like the green/brown look of it. Looks like Miata got a big fat bigger brother. It works!

  • m5 e60 vs s8 d3 - v10 saloon battle

  • I understand that she likes it BLACKED out XD

  • Matt: she likes everything in black... BBC has entered the chat

  • Wont be getting any sex looool

  • I'm your biggest fan from South Africa I think you should give me that car I love the the audi rs6 it's my fav 😇

  • So nobody is gonna say anything about the coffee stain on the side of the console ?

  • this color is beautiful

  • I hate VAG group cars, they are expensive to maintain and service, poor reliability and not to mention sometimes driven by idiots