How much you pay for each mile of range on EVERY electric car

Avaldati 18 jaan 2021
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One thing we’re all pretty sure about is that electric cars are the future!
However, anyone looking to get ahead of the game and go electric in 2021 will find that even the cheapest electric cars can cost quite a bit compared to their petrol-powered counterparts.
So with this in mind, we wanted to find out which electric car gives you, the buyer, the best value for money! We know that, on average, electric cars will offer approximately 86% of the manufacturer’s claimed range, so we’ve put together a list to find out which electric car gives you the cheapest cost per mile compared to what you pay for it when brand new.
It won’t come as a surprise that your Teslas or Taycans will come in towards the top of the list, but can you guess which will take the top spot? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Complete this sentence: My dream drag race line-up including both electric & petrol cars would be... ?

    • @Jack Jamie wow! Took like 10 minutes but it worked!!

    • Not sure if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instaportal. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself

    • My Jeep Wrangler against anything you got.

    • Mat vs yianni running race

    • @Sir Juicebox it's been done on top gear or grand tour, can't remember which but I've seen it.

  • EVs are the most stupidest thing ever!!! ZERO freedom to go anywhere away from the city... And no one buys it used so if you sell it you lost all your money

    • @FsAviX My comment was deleted off course by EEclone liberal autocensorship logarithm... In Europe we deal with Gypsys... Even the freaking Powerlines are taken... And it has happened!!

    • @Justice Warrior and what kind of car was that lmao? charging cables cant be stolen, they are locked in, it takes 30 minutes to fully charge, and the battery is still at 100% after 4 years.. you are just so full of shit

    • @FsAviX Actually I have And it's the most stressful shit ever!!! Running out of electricity when there's few stations.. Having to fucking wait for hours to charge instead of filling a gas tank in minutes... Worrying about my freaking 400$ charging cable to be stolen in the middle of the street at night wile charging... And the most pathetic thing... After 4 years of usage only 70% of the battery available and NO RESEL VALUE!!!

    • Guessing you have never driven an electric car lmao

  • "Turbo s Is the fastest car you can buy" Telsa: and I took that personally

  • VW ID3 seems to be a good option.

  • Zoe hands down.

  • The very concept of price per mile of "range" is not a very good indicator of real world usability, a much better and practical metric would be to measure the average running cost per mile of operation. Considering the vehicle cost, average average life of battery, average maintenance costs, overheads, charging costs, distance covered per full charge etc for each one separately and then determining the rough running cost per mile would be more appropriate (probably just make a top 10 list since this could take time). Thoughts coming from a data scientist btw :)


  • TATA Nexon

  • I don't know whats going on with that lighting but you look like a dead body...😂

  • Despite all its flaws, software bugs, poor range and high price I still like my Polestar 2. It adds a bit of excitement to every ordinary day, not knowing what bug or issue will present itself...

  • This is very confusing. Why would it cost that much per mile? Does this assume I'm going to charge my card only once and then discard it? This is just a lazy summary. More interesting would be an article based on a 5 year ownership, comparing overall costs, assuming a travel distance of about 15,000km per year, charge costs of XYZ, service costs and leasing costs. Now THAT would give some useful information.

  • A fun way to compare the cars but it makes no sense in any way. The actual range estimates doesn't feel right (at least for some of the cars) and it's not a logical way of comparing EVs In my opinion. Sorry Mat. 😔

  • My missus will tell me what's actually on her mind when I ask her...on car wow

  • I mean, this is an interesting list, but isn't it better as an actual list on a website rather than a video?

  • What a pointless video! It's basically saying a Renault is better than a Porche because it costs less.....

  • Fiat 500e?

  • So, you penalise those manufacturers that are honest with their ranges... because most aren't? I mean, Kia/Hyundai are pretty much the only ones that perform better than their claimed ranges, yet you give them 85% of their claimed range, whereas the Jaguar iPace performs below the 85% of its claimed range. I know that the Kia/Hyundai cars do very well in this comparison, but this is still unjust because they have done far better than the company's claims in every test that I have seen, so you should not be penalising them by that 15% reduction. Add that 15% back on to the figures and you get a very different result.

  • It takes 50,000 miles in an electric car before the carbon footprint of an matches that of a petrol car.

    • It takes 25000 miles

  • Tesla would've won if It was still free to charge

  • Glad you mentioned MG😀

  • i would like to see a video on tata nexon ev cause its cheap to my eyes and my pocket

  • What about the standard range Tesla model 3

  • Hi Mat. I wanted to know how far one pound or one dollar would get you in each of those cars.

  • Do electric vs petrol or deisel cars on money taken by each of them for 1 mil like for petrol or deisel cars its 1÷its mileage and for electric car how much money of charge it takes to travel a mile

  • I don't like Zoe and ID3 isnt best looking either plus its got stupid touch control for Windows when you can press wrong buttons by mistake.. So Peugeot e 208 is the winner for me 🦁👍🏆🏅 best looking small e hatch as well

  • If you have trouble sleeping at night watch this video. Enough said.

  • This is probably the most useless video you've ever made!

  • Mat the Tata Nexon is the most value for money ev

  • $300/mile. This metric would ONLY make sense if each car can only take ONE full charge.

  • Whats carwow??? Seriously how many times did he mention it. Mention carwow so many time's would put me off going to them.

  • How does this compair to the petrol engine models of the same car? Have you already done a video on how much per mile a petrol car costs because i must have missed it.

  • I don’t understand the calculations.

  • Where is the 500e??

  • What a useless metric. I hope Mat realises that people use a car for more than one charge, after they buy it. Yeah yeah, obvious, but that's what his metric fails on. Mat's such an internet shill.

  • Fucky the volvo I love you carwow ehehehehe

  • Don’t know if it matters, but my dad can charge for free at every supercharger with his Tesla model s, also my uncle can charge for free everywhere with his model x. So it will save you a lot of money!

  • How about the Skoda Enyaq iv 80 Matt and a review of it please


  • The Zoe is genuinely a great little car. It's nothing on a Mercedes in terms of quality but, it's good fun to drive, available with decent kit and, is no more expensive that similar petrol/diesel hatchbacks. I'm surprised more people don't buy it.

  • It would be much easier to follow this video, if the numbers you are giving were also displayed on the screen. Thanks!

  • I don’t understand the calculations, is that based on depreciation??

  • Can you tell us the real price of the car

  • This is lame... instead you could compare the no.of miles for the same category picking one from electric and one from petrol or diesel cars and then review the total cost including the fuel prices and electric charging prices for their range. Or you can do is compare the both segments for a certain time period, let's say 5 years and compare all the average miles that they would travel and fuel/electric expenses and everything. That would be really useful

  • Has anyone used carwow and is it a good option to find more desirable cars? My 05 mini cooper just passed its MOT but at some point this year ill be trading it in for a mini cooper S coupe, and autotrader is usually my website of choice for finding cars, would carwow be worth looking into for a used coupe?

  • MG hs review please matt I'm begging

  • You know they're rechargeable, right? You don't have to buy another one when the battery dies. Just saved you a ton of money, Mat!

  • A strange and not at all instructive calculus for trying to determine value for money of different EVs.

  • Interesting. You should do the same with different groups of non electric cars, for example best super saloon, city car etc.

  • Soo boring just an ad for their brokering!

  • Wow well done Zoe ! Thanks for another great video

  • Volvo = Chinese. MG = Chinese. China is the enemy of democracy. Why buy their stuff?

    • Capitalism decided we no longer wanted to manufacture stuff in the west hence why China is succeeding.

  • The stock photo Peugeot had downtown Los Angeles as back drop which is odd since they don't sell it in the US

  • Where is the tesla model y

  • If you had based the calculation on doing 36,000 miles over 3 years, then it would have made some sense. But this video is totally ridiculous Matt!

  • Matt, what is the point of this video? Wouldn’t have been better to take the price for a full charge of each car and use the average price of the electricity in UK do U give us some real infos?

  • Good video, but I think to make a more fair comparison and to have a more accurate €/mi it should have took in consideration the battery power bank of each vehicle because two cars with the same mile range and different battery power banks should have this reflected on the price per mile.

  • you should had done also a mile per dollar version for americans)

  • this is what I call proper content. great vid

  • This is such an odd list. A car’s cost per mile would surely be more of a function of its cost to charge, range and depreciation until being sold

    • Yes its confusing, but this video is not about the cost per mile to run the car. Its about how much range you are buying for your money.

  • Maybe it’s me being stupid, but what’s the point of this one? The cost of the car divided by its range from one fill.....

  • If I was paying for this video, it would be measured in car wows/minute.

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  • Thank you for this information !

  • I like the reviews on this channel but it's those statistics videos of Mat alone sharing cool insights really keep me on the couch in front of TV!


  • What about the Mustang Mach-e?

  • Wow. I'm not really a fan of Electric Cars.

  • what about the fiat 500e?

  • Hey guys S class video link: Cls video link: G class evolution video link: E class video link: C class video link: Bmw X5: Bmw 3 series: Hope you enjoy

  • Should have added Tata Nexon ev

  • You know what would be interesting as well? The average operating costs of all these cars. Cause two cars might be able to travel the same distance, but one might have a smaller battery than the other one. I actually expected that this list would have provided those costs and not the purchasing costs per mile of range.

  • Matt, are you sure about the 22k price for the Zoe? Does this include the battery? It seems to me too low to be true...

    • I just visited the CarWow webpage and got an offer for a Zoe. It was £23,772 and it's the cheapest one there.

  • No Mazda MX-30 :(

  • This doesn't make sense, i was kinda expecting what it cost per mile range (kinda like the electric equivalent of mpg) not price divided by range? What use is that??

  • Not worth bothering. It is well known that the real range relative to the WLTP varies massively from car to car. The Korean makes, for example, get very close. Many of the luxury brands like Jaguar and Audi get nowhere near. You would have been better comparing the cars EPA range, a much more accurate measurement of real world range. the 87% average has no value at all in relation to each car.

  • Tesla model s perfomance vs ferrari enzo...

  • Hyundai ioniq you never said how many miles ot does on a single charge

  • ........and yet the government want to ban normal cars (petrol/diesel) by 2030. Obviously, by then electric cars will become super expensive to own one. Smart move.

  • Mat vs yanni running race do it quick waiting ❤️❤️❤️

  • This video is a statistical nightmare

  • Bro a mile cost me about 1pound. My 1989 honda accord wins.

  • what about the chinese nio?

  • EV's just do not make financial sense. They are expensive to buy compared to their petrol/diesel counterparts and the savings are simply not enough over the life of the vehicle to make it worth it. Sure you could buy a cheap EV but why would I want an entry level one with a poor range when I can have a much better conventional petrol/diesel car for less? I'll be sticking with my Lexus IS hybrid for as long as I can, the equivalent car to that is a Tesla Model 3, I've ran the figures and it wouldn't be saving me any money for the first 5 years of ownership.

  • *Geewhiz has entered the chat*

  • We don’t do this calculation with ICE’s so why EV’s? Better would be to rank by miles per kWh - after all we all understand mpg!

  • No Fiat 500 EV?

  • Was wondering what the cost would be over several years of usage incl. depreciation.

  • This is wrong. The Zoe isn't the cheapest electric car. The cheapest electric car is the BMW GT3 Replica 12V ride-on car for toddlers aged 3+. It has a range of 4.52 miles (assuming 87% of max range) and costs £ it's £55 per mile.

  • If u have chance u should try Chinese made electric cars

  • So after one full charge u don’t use the car ever again! Utterly pointless! 💩

  • Could you review the Mitsubishi Space Star please?

  • Well this is a fucking useless vid. Y

  • What about Eup, citigo, Mi?

  • any way u could do a drag race with the mclaren 765 lt?

  • This is total BS. What assumptions were made with regards to total mileage, charging costs, maintenance, residual value, insurance, road taxes, etc.? None, you say? Ah, so you just divided the list price by the estimated miles on a charge. That figure has no practical value at all. You might as well rank those cars on curb weight per cup holder.

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  • I understand you are carwow. But do carwow have to mention carwow every carwow 10 carwow seconds?

  • You should do a nio car review

  • Please BMW X6 M and the MERSEDES BENZ G63 AMG

  • Luv ya Matt but this was the most useless video/calculation ever made. Completely meaningless unless you throw the car away once the battery zeros out.