My new Toyota GR Yaris daily driver: what I love and don't love about it!

Avaldati 22 jaan 2021
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Mat has got his hands on yet ANOTHER car… But we have to say, this might be the most exciting one yet!
That’s right, his new long-termer is the carwow Car of the Year 2021, the Toyota GR Yaris! After reviewing it last year, Mat pretty much fell in love with it on the spot - so he just had to get one in for a few months!
Now we know he loved it when he got his hands on it to review, but that was only for one day! So how will he find it when he’s living with it as a daily driver? Will the love hold strong? Or will he miss his RS6 or A45 S?
You'll have to keep watching as he takes you through what he loves, likes and hates with the new GR Yaris!
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  • That's right, Mat's got his hands on the all-new GR Yaris! Now we just need to know - what video should he film with it next? Share your ideas below, and don't forget to LIKE the ideas other people share - the most popular ones might appear on our channel soon!

    • @עמית קלינגהופר Oh Yes...!! Subaru B22 vs Audi Quattro Sport vs GR Yaris CP..!!

    • Send Matt and that GR Yaris to Silverstein if you can, would love to see how it feels on the track.

    • Tyre swap on GR Yaris, see if it makes it more “playful”

    • Head to head with BMW i3s as it's the only electric hot hatch and Mat likes i3's

    • @Federico San Miguel the focus rs would be a very good choice for a match up since its also a 4wd hothatch inspired by rallying

  • wish I could buy this car. Now hoping and waiting for the rumored Corolla hatch GR

  • If they bring this to the US.... I'm getting it! You hear me toyota!?

  • This car is 70k £ in norway.. they wont sell a single one

  • pearl white or red..... what you guys choosing????

  • It looks like a wigo haha

  • To me it sounds like he is trying to justify why anyone would spend 33k on a yaris..

  • too bad we can't have that in canada cause this would have me buy a toyota for a first

  • Just take ESP off so it should take soft limiter off? Worth tryin..

  • Do you think these will be collector’s items? Debating to get one. I’m in Sydney Australia

  • It bothers me that the bumpers aren't flush

  • Bought & reviewed it = money well spent

  • Mat Watson it's ok if you have lots cars don't no one bullying you..

  • Please make a Audi S1 vs Toyota GR Yaris

  • Low traction mud/snow drifting.

  • To many adverts

  • Yaris GR or Fiesta ST. GR faster for sure but which is more fun?

  • its toyota, no need for warranty, my dad owns toyota since i was a child now im 31 years old, my dad died 2 years ago and his toyota still runnin strong. toyota can outlived you.

  • Need to se vauxhall corsa like this

  • Yeah white cars just look overall better. I love black but.....I think white car with a black roof and mirrors just look better

  • Looks better than the suzuki swift

  • Wow, he's Long on hot hatches!

  • Sick

  • i drove the car and i have to say that i really like car except one that is very important for me is safety and this car is C Builded causing for the driver less view around when you are driving, for example is not a car that you would get use to drive in one day, it for more than a second for me to look around for example and i feel sorry for toyota because i really like the car ,actually i had the yaris old model and its still a great car to drive

  • Did you sell your Suzuki Motorcycle?

  • wall of death

  • Mat, please give your long term review/ feedback on this GR Yaris and how is living with it as a daily drive.

  • This was great review pal

  • Gunna start calling you Shmee mate

  • 6:37 Gigling like kids playing with new toys

  • This car looks a keeper when everyone else goes electric

  • GR supra's honk and GR yaris exhaust, toyota just cannot make the sound right

  • Such a small light car with the ability to go that fast, how is it allowed on roads it’s so unsafe, you might as well ride a bike because if you crash it into anything, you’re done for

  • in my country, after the influencer make a video about they cashed advance for GR Yaris, under 24 h that GR Yaris has closed for cash advance this car really fascinating !!!

  • I'm American, but don't like American made cars. maintenance is difficult, expensive, wasteful. I love Japanese cars. I will buy gr yaris

  • việt nam 🇻🇳

  • The bad feet positioning as to do with the wrong side that you drive cars...

  • Kawanan Om fitra om mobi mana nih? Wkwk

  • Does it has back seat?

  • A lot of sources say it‘s not limited to any production number - while some do say so. Is there an official statement, or update from 2021?🤔

  • 125 units for Indonesia already sold out, fully booked 1 day after the main dealers open PO for the car, even the car will be delivered on November 2021 (waiting for 9 months) 😂

  • very nice WRC Spec

  • Seeing such a good car with the steering wheel on the right side is like seeing a beautiful, stunning woman, only to watch her walk away, limping and using a cane. Yes, when it comes to the position of the steering wheel, right side is the wrong side. There, I said it.

  • Really need the aftermarket exhaust

  • 8:28 maybe more like Analog Amps like Marshall rather than Artificial Digital Amps like Kemper Lol, but i do get the point, but i prefer Kemper all the time.. it has lots of Amp Models and i won't disturb my neighbors :p

  • but when you go stage 1 and it explodes

  • Nice one from Toyota Who is here 2021

  • Yes the Toyota is build by the highest standards But Matt s karate chopping hands and hard pushing pulling Will kill it eventually🤣

  • 8:35 That position though... What ya doing there Mat?

  • Love what you did with that @rse of a trunk cover. Bin it!

  • In the Netherlands this car will cost around 60k. Bit much for a "Yaris" 😳

  • Woi, stop littering!

  • Do a rally race with it

  • everyone's local indian takeaways are going to be RAPID now

  • My kids Veloster has that fake engine sound I disconnected it from the amplifier. There was a wire that runs from the tach to the amplifier under the seat

  • lists the cars he owns, says "i have a problem": we all have that problem dear Matt. Most of us don't have 4 or 5 cars, but we definitely have the same problem, at least theoretically.

  • In Indonesia, the only standard version price range will be around EUR 47k - 50k and could be higher along the way (delivery on Nov 2021). Welcome to South East Asia.

  • I like your video, but I can't understand what you're saying. Can you please add a subtitle to the video? thanks.

  • Kesini abis liat vlognya fitra eri sama ommobi

  • That damn incessant beeping at you when having a bit of skidpan fun! :-(

  • Destroy fast , noob !

  • Fitra eri versi luar wkwk

  • yaris that worth £100,000 to make profit

  • I might just buy this car... what a steal!

  • Penonton Indonesia Merapat ❤❤❤

  • I just lost exactly 13:54 of my precious time with that video.

  • We’re waiting for carwow Italy !!!!

  • Heel and toe? No one will care. It's a liability for the average driver to have the accelerator and brake pedal too close together.

  • This man is trying to compete with Shmee

  • Matt you should trade it for my unbreakable Corolla 2003 1.6 liters petrol i mean, at the end of the day it is also a 1.6 liters 3 doors Toyota but has more trunk space :-P

  • And yet my Vxr will leave it and cost a down payment for one of these 😂

  • Someone told me that Matt was the Alan Partridge of the car world & now I can't unsee it 🤔

  • It’s been about 10 years since Japan has produced a beautiful car , they’ve gone all funky bonkers recently . This car is so good looking

  • I love your laugh 😂 😆

  • God I want a GR Yaris

  • Matt, your grey hare is getting noticeably more! Answer the LinkedIn request and let`s reverse that trajectory...

  • Well, I can't wait to buy it used in 8-12 years... :)

  • Change the exhaust for sure

  • Matt should do a video in airforces it’ll go so well with his clothing style😂

  • Mat Watson looks like Bear Grylls 🤔

  • Wow, locking up the tires with the handbrake... now so many flat spots on your treads.

  • First thing for me would be to put it on a diet and remove the rear seats etc.

  • I really really wanna buy this BEAST!!!

  • id rather have this than the supra! what a car !

  • Hey Matt.... Great car and all but... Doesn't this screen interfere with your vision when driving? It seems it's located very high

  • Convertible of this will be damm good . Like beetle

  • Mat do you reckon that this is one of those good investment cars? The one that will b Sought after in future

  • Wait.. do Toyotas have 5yrs of warranty in the UK? My Yaris had just three years.


  • This car has Japanese legend potential imo

    • Toyota Supra, Toyota ae86, lexus lc500, land cruiser, and now this! Yep, Toyota still my favourite brand.

    • indeed

  • GR Yaris or Supra 2.0??

  • defo do a tuned gr special where you race the standard edition against tuned grs

  • Like to see this engine at 100k miles if ther so good.

  • Nice car

  • Great car , but why o why didn’t Toyota make it so you can fit inside with a helmet on for track days/ rally driving.

  • Watching this for the second time , not sure why its not liked n subscribed yet

  • In Norway it costs 55 thousand pounds 🙃🙃🙃

  • And we'll never get one here in the states. An American wanting a sporty small light weight car? Yeah, I'm one of those weird Americans who want a a small light weight rally car... We need more cool hot hatches like this here in the states please!

  • 6:35 that face ! LOL :)

  • No freaking bmw in the stable