Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021 review: see how quick it is 0-60mph... And easy to drift!

Avaldati 29 jaan 2021
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Thanks to Richard Symons for lending us his Model 3 Performance - eeclone.info/vision/hjqM-6MiqlF3qUq4GMVhkg
Mat’s got his hands on a new Tesla Model 3 Performance... And he's here to share a truly in-depth review with you!
As you’d expect from the name, the Model 3 Performance is one EV which can compete with the best when it’s on the road. With dual electric motors, it can put down 462hp and 639Nm of torque… That’s 96hp & 130Nm more than the Model 3 Long Range! Not only that, but its claimed range is only 8 miles shy of what the long range can achieve, too!
Of course, such performance from an electric car won’t come cheap, and you can expect to pay over £57,000 for one. So there’s just one question left… Is it worth it? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:46 Price
01:43 Exterior Design
02:43 Interior
05:41 Infotainment
06:38 Back Seats
07:58 Boot
09:32 Five Annoying Features
12:06 Five Good Features
14:07 Charging & Batteries
15:22 0 - 60mph
19:03 Driving
23:10 Drifting
24:20 Verdict
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  • I don't think the Model three looks like a fish from the front. More like Daffy Duck after Bugs Bunny slapped his bill off.

  • holy shit, i didn't realize how ugly the Tesla was on the inside.

  • Shame theyre so ugly. like granny cars

  • Honestly seems like a biased video

  • its so stupid it have to warm up

  • interior is jus so boring and shite washing machine with a glued on ipad.

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  • 15:04 where is the video though?

  • Imagine you miss a payment on a Tesla and it drives itself back to the dealership 😆

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  • Matt .. Its your phone.. not the car Buy an Iphone!!

  • In comparison to the latest IT devices, the concept and fundamental thoughts should be widely available to get this industry up to date.

  • Gives real perspective as to why electric rules

  • Why’s 3 performance so expensive in UK? It cost £38k in China and $35k in US but £60k in UK? Surly if cost in UK would be lowered down to US/China level it would even more be a no brainier

  • Well let's think about it 10 years to come these are 100% full electric vehicles how many fails will these have. very compilated features we will end up seeing many of these in the breakers yards because the computer systems will fail more and more, i can just imagine loads of these on the market for £5000 in 10 years even £3000 with so many fails and MOT advisories

  • Too much hassle to start the car. Uncomfortable rear space. If the screen fails, the whole car fails.

  • The flaky parade numerically delight because dahlia concordantly burn afore a last paint. obsequious, absurd asterisk

  • How did he forget the "frunk"? And he said fruit

  • Sound meters on phones are useless. So the test he did, is for sure invalid.

  • That screen color shift on your samsung phone is horrid.

  • Or why away from that black car

  • It’s a car not a hotel room like calm down lad

  • For some reason launch control on most cars never work properly. It's never Mat Watson's fault🤣🤣🤣

  • Boring Car 🚨

    • You mean because of this acceleration, those software features like AutoPilot and later on Full Self Driving, those little details and fun features (ice cream cart sound outside, farts...), Netflix, Spotify, Internet etc.? "ONLY BECAUSE ITS NOT AMG ITS BORING!!!!!"

  • 23:32 what you've come to see

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  • @t

  • It like this Channel, however this review was very biased against Tesla. Your other Tesla reviews are fine, this one was rubbish

  • Inside its like johnys cab lol


  • If I ever want a electric car I'll get a tesla for sure. I like Elon. Right know there is no way i let go of godzilla and buy a car without sound. Not yet anyways.

  • if the tablet goes down, there goes driving for the day?

  • Matt must be sponsored by Burberry he’s been slipping it in to the last few videos

  • the editing here is just on spot.

  • Its looking dated.

  • 9:35 That thing about the rims is unbelievably wrong. I understand that it's much cheaper to copy-paste the same rim, but, it's wrong and seriously OCD triggering. In this case it can affect negatively the dynamics of the airflow, causing more drag from one side, something that can cause serious problems on very slippery roads and high speeds, among other aspects. Do they also wear pairs of same-side shoes? I've seen this stupidity from brands too many times, it seriously needs to stop.

    • I do agree. But I reckon this is just to simply things for repairs, supply, tyre rotations etc. Still though, doesn't make sense when one side is slightly more aerodynamic than the other.

  • the performance version is 40% of the cost of the PoleDancer 1. Easy choice...

  • Its honestly so groundbreaking to see a company like Tesla grow in the quality of their cars and becoming more solid. 21st century technology and EEclone helps us normal people to see Tesla's growth over the past few years

  • shitttttttttt inside

  • 03:49 The glove box is supposed to hold the usb safe for sentury mode.

  • Song in 24:18 ?

  • 🤮

  • It's 25.03 minutes to 0-60mph

  • it's a sleeper. feared at the traffic stop by many.

  • 3:35 QWATY TIS ALROUITE (cringe voice tone)

  • New headlights! With built in condensation! All for FREE!!!

  • God dam these cars are ugly.

  • Does he uses OnePlus phone?

  • Watching a car drift and hearing the tires without any engine noise is really...unsatisfying

  • How’s the paint finish?

  • Where is the promised performance vs standard range plus range test video?

  • You can control everything with your voice in a Tesla, I was worried about being distracted but using the voice commands you can activate or adjust pretty much anything.

  • Heat pump is air conditioning only. It reverses refrigerant flow to allow heating as well as cooling.

  • I have a Tesla and 10:14 is the one thing that annoys me the most about Tesla's in general...

  • Love everything about this car! I posted a video discussing some unknown facts about Tesla, Check it out if you love Tesla!

  • Voice control to the rescue..... “Open glove box”

  • Heat pump is just reversing the flow of an air conditioner. They are > 100% efficient for converting electricity into heat.

  • Disclaimer this note is nothing against matt as I absolutely love his channel: I’ve noticed that all European car reviewers when told to review American cars are always very good at nit picking every single detail that they don’t like or find insignificant but on other European cars they will skip those criticality’s like they don’t exist and never really mention the things these companies get ride or how much of a bargain they are etc.

  • Final verdict: buy it and enjoy it

  • What a s... car. Quality sucks.

  • Ok it's electric...everything else doesn't represent progress sorry!

  • For me personally, there is nothing appealing about this car, or any other Tesla car that I've seen so far. I feel like they are too reliant on computers and flashy gadgets. I think having so many of the car's controls (and entertainment) on a big screen is going to promote careless driving, and also, I think that in 5-10 years, we will find out that these cars will become quite unreliable and have expensive repair costs.

  • You need some moisturiser 🧴 you’re skin is dry af

  • When will you review the Model Y?

    • The Model Y isn’t available in the U.K. yet

  • I see some moisture inside the headlights...this is where Tesla should improve. The whole project is sensational, assembly and quality are not at the same level. Look at the paint, looks like an orange skin, it's crispy ...not a good sign. I'm considering to buy one of these (and probabilly i'll do) , but damn, even a crappy brand as BMW , dead starting from 2005 after the E46, does better. Anyway, i'll add 10.000€ to the price for a proper KW suspension kit (Variante 3, 2.500€), wheels ( OZ Leggera HLT 19'' instead of 20'' stock 2.000€), tires (Michelin Sport Pilot Cup 2 255/40-19, 700€) and upgraded brake system ( Brembo GT-R kit, over 3.500€).

  • Until 4:42 all good till you get to the part when you really ask why Tesla i cant press a button to change my steering wheel and need to use the so call Ipad?? , Well Tesla isn't a German car and unlike German car brands if you do notice they like to put buttons for their every (almost) functions, its easy and nice (not all the time for some people).

    • @AH12 Oh yeah, it is a different driving experience for sure. But I'm certain manufacturers will bring us a proper sports focused EV's. This is just the beginning. We're at that point where, manufacturers are understanding the performance EV gives, and where they're trying to figure out how to deploy that performance. Whilst also simultaneously trying to develop better batteries and systems etc.

    • @Seawolf I'm not saying it bad its looks amazing!! Don't get me wrong it's just that the driving experience is not the same that's what I'm trying to say.. So far I saw pads touch screens laser systems and lots of sensor which are the highest quality on the industry from the German manufacturers brands unlike the others... I'm not saying they doing bad job its just not near it..

    • @AH12 I disagree. Vehicles are getting more efficient, faster, easier to use, with more capabilities. I'm sure people said the same when they replaced crank starters. You see the same systems in aircraft and spacecraft these days as well. Have you seen the cockpit of a new A220? Everything's going the way of the iPad and touchscreens. They may be less tactile, but they're far more functional.

    • @Seawolf And because of that fact my friend people are more and more excited from old cars cause back then the material gages gave you performance and today they gave your engine a brain and a limiter ..no more fun to drive this days..

    • Have you seen the new S-Class and C-Class? Buttons are going the way of the dinosaur.

  • When you’ve got a car review at 5 but fighting a football firm at 6

  • These british car review guys are so sarcastic with tesla. The jealousy is just so obvious, english cars are great but tesla is on a whole new higher level.

  • The top of the car should be a solar pannel. *presses invest button*

  • 13:37 yes, its actually exactly like a reverse Fridge. Even better, it basically is a fridge's cooling element, but the pump is running in reverse.

  • 18:47😂😂😂

  • you wont see these at classic car meets in the future.

  • is this about the car or about the clown?

  • Matt you love that coat its SSOOOO CHAAAAVE

  • *🔴**eeclone.info/glo/rWvRi6axkaKsnIY/video* .

  • Your sound looks different

  • bug bear - has to access the steering wheel via the screen. Something you do once per ownership of the car :)

    • Exactly, I never have to change anything in my Model X

  • Holy cow Matt, time to put some make up 13:25 you look a bit greenish 🤨

  • tried it yesterday and felt sick all day .unreal acceleration

  • It's not Tezzz laaa its Tess la

  • Maybe I am uneducated but this really annoys me. Why do people call it Tezla ? Its not a bloody Tezla its Tesla sssssssssss six sugar test its not a Tezlaaaaaaaaaa its a Tessssssssssssssslaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Or was kinder garden teaching me all wrong between zzzzz's and s'sssssssss 🙈🤕🤕🤕

  • Materials and construction look cheap. Plastic everywhere!

  • cant wait to tesla have factory here so we dont have to pay import + luxury car fees (250%) here ... :(

  • Steering wheel and mirror positioning is not something you need to do while driving, so it makes sense to have it out of the way IMHO.

  • Do a Yaris GR Vs Tesla model 3 performance video Mat

  • 7:22

  • who feels the need to adjust the mirrors more than once? not me ever..

  • Loncz fejs

  • "Emma Watson and you're watching Carwow!"

  • Latest Car and Driver said it couldn't survive 1 lap at VIR.

  • The answer to your problem is not to park like a knob on the kerbside.

  • Now the Germans EV's have arrived who looks at these cars anymore. So yesteryear.

    • Very nice english.. Aerodynamics>Exterior design. This is something that the Germans still haven't gotten to know

  • Quicker than most super cars, yet it looks so boring as it shoots off..

  • 10:25 the bend on the door, lmao what?

  • I don't know what you do for a living. For sure you are not being paid by Tesla, more likely for the German Auto Association that Tesla is eating their lunch, to shit all over an impossible to beat EV ahead at least 10 years of competing brands. With performance numbers that put to shame very many far more expensive cars, and with technical contents the competitors only dream about. the most independent survey by the Consumer Report put Tesla cars the most desirable to own. You should do something about your voice , it is so unpleasant to hear, yet you seem such a decent chap.

  • Complaining about configuring the mirrors and steering wheel once (per user profile) is ridiculous, and it’s actually easier than some physical manual controls I’ve used. This has also been in all versions of software, nothing to do with 2021 updates.

  • Nice🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Get yourself a lexus instead

  • Nice to see that the panel gaps and water inside the headlights still haven't been fixed

    • @Martin MartinH well then we should agree to disagree

    • I disagree, I don't think this is nice at all, why would you actually want these things?

  • As my parents would say "it's too extra" in tems of control system for mirrors, steering wheels, etc...