Mercedes G350 v Land Rover Defender v Jeep Wrangler - TUG OF WAR

Avaldati 5 veebr 2021
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It’s time for an almighty tug of war!
First up we’ve got the best of British, the new Land Rover Defender, going up against the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon! On the face of it, you may think the Jeep Wrangler has the advantage, given its 2-litre turbo petrol can put down 270hp - more than the Defender’s 2-litre turbo, which can only produce 240hp.
However, that’s just about where the Wrangler’s advantages seem to end, as the Defender can produce 430Nm (compared to the Wrangler’s 400Nm), it’s heavier (weighing 2.4 tonnes compared to the Wrangler’s 2 tonnes) and it’s jam-packed full of off-roading tech!
However, that’s not all! Once these two have gone head-to-head, the Mercedes G350d will roll up to take on the winner! With a 2.9-litre straight-six diesel which can produce 286hp & 600Nm, this is one Mercedes which can easily take on either of these competitors!
All we know is - you don’t want to miss this!
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  • Jlr now Indian company won tata

  • Didn't look like the Defender was operating in low range. Front tires were spinning way to fast. My LR4 in low does not do that. Even if you watch the tug against the G wagen vs Yanny in his rose gold Range Rover, the RR doesn't have anywhere near the speed of rotation, and the RR won against the G.

  • Land Rover is currently owned by tata group so next time put indian flag on the thumbnail

  • Can anyone beat Mercedes in any challenge?

  • Pointless exercise with the tires...waste of time viewing.

  • Thumbs up for jeep

  • are you sure there is no 'pulling jeep wrangler' setting in the defender's electronics?

  • You so need to black pack that! Then it doesn't matter who wins as the Defender will out style them all! I've just had mine done the other month in Norwich by these guys

  • PLEASE!!!! Land Rover is an Indian brand since 2008

  • Mercedes the best or nothing

  • Land rover is Indian brand why this is a part of a Tata group

  • The defender wheels arnt working together and just trying to send power to each wheel when it slips however the keep is just doing all 4 wheels at one speed because of front and rear lockers on solid axles which makes it better

  • Where's yannie?

  • tractor drag race

  • Hey man Land Rover is now INDIAN 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Jeep would still win even if they had better tires

  • The Defender is a nice lawn mower

  • Land rover is now indian

  • in Germany we say hops genommen

  • this was really nice to see for me as a German haha

  • You dont have the proper engine in that jeep like we have here on this side of a ocean too small

  • Sir land rower is brand of Tata company which belongs to india

  • Hummer h1 vs mercedes unimog

  • Land Rover and Jaguar=🇮🇳india

  • Pointless test unless they have identical tyres.

  • @t

  • Bro land rover is under Tata motors an indian company so it is indian not British I think

  • Make on road

  • Let it be known land rover that your new defender has never, and I mean never, won any of these tests.. Here on carwow and other channels.. The only place it's won was on stats and against the old defender(which really should have been a low bar to clear). In the real world it's about OK which is a shame considering how much tech is in ita nd how much supposed effort they put in it.. I just goes to show that they approached its development from a stats point of view and built it to meet them ignoring years of real world experience. The new defender should have been a budget G wagon and not the new discovery..

  • The Discovery was pulled off center compared to the Jeep, the sideway force of the pull may have affected the test, not to mention the better mud tires on the Jeep

  • I own a Land Rover Discovery sport,so whenever I see a subtitle including “Land rover” I Immediately click the video XD

  • My favourite car this Mercedes g350

  • The gamy cirrus endoscopically name because satin intuitively interrupt absent a venomous advice. selective, encouraging alibi

  • Try it with range rover 😊

  • HUMMER vs LC200

  • This video proves simple car = better car

  • Tug of war prerequisite - all vehicles on the same rubber! (or at the very least knobbly vs knobbly, not mismatched!)

  • Я один руський?

  • 5:54 editors you need to stop, not a soul finds this funny. Enough with the cringey meme music in every vid

  • Of course the Jeep won against the Defender. He never broke traction with his mud tyres. Arrogant not to stop pulling after passing the cone though in the Merc pull. Idiot not to use grass mode also.

  • first thing tires and 2nd mat's worst skills... why tf u were spinning tyres dumbo

  • Jesus is king amen

  • Bro land rover is indian brand

  • Merc 🤍🤍

  • We wanna see Dacia Duster in tug of war 😂💪

  • Landcruiser 80 says "hold my Asahi.."

  • Matt just try with the Range Rover sports

  • Vidoe starts from 2:15


  • 4:21 Oh no, Jeremy Clarkson now hates Mat Watson or probably the defender...

  • That G Wagon costs over $100K. Try this with a $80K Jeep and we’ll see.

  • Merc all day

  • You american tries to be oversmart everyone knows that landrover is powerfull but you have habbit create hipe about american brands

  • defender got the road tyres..... wtf!!

  • The hook location make it range rover struggling

  • Pls don't say land rover a British company it is indian owned by Tata

  • Hey mat , I love your videos ✌ I was wondering what do you think or do you about the Mitsubishi Pajero 2001-2007 ? how reliable are they and fuel consumption? Thank you

  • Good idea to compare between cars 👍 I like it .

  • Luodo

  • Hey can you review the g350 cos I love it please review it asap

  • Do this on road not on grass. It will tell real power of the car.

  • G wagon, always

  • Matt is such a bully

  • Use Indian flag in front of Land Rover now Land Rover Indian brand

  • What a tool

  • The new Defender is nothing more than on pathetic, overexpensive Disco with exposed screws. It can't play in the same league with the big boys. Anyway, brexiloons will buy it, so the JLR' Indian owners did the right think to built it.

  • Can you do a tug of war for the new defender Vs the outgoing defender. That would be interesting!

  • Raving on about the electronics... Electronics is an off-roaders worst nightmare.

  • Land rovers nowadays are made for bankers and lawyers’ wives to do the grocery shopping

  • I expected the scores to be the other way around. Very surprising.

  • Needs to try an old defender.

  • It would be interesting to see how a American jeep would do with this test especially the 3.0L Ecodiesel it has nearly the same amount of torque is a G wagon ( 599nm in metric world or the 4xe jeep that will have similar amount)............ Also the Jeep even fully loaded costs half what the G-wagon does

  • What do you do? JLR supply their flagship to Cowwar or Carwow with their choice of tyres. If being sensible, Wow would chuck the same rubber on all vehicles, but they didn't. Yes, the g wagon won

  • Makes for a good lawn mower

  • Only reason the MB won is b/c its almost 1100 lbs heavier

  • You bullied the Jeep 😂

  • Where is the land cruiser?

  • Imagine if the rope broke 😂😂🙆

  • U guys should get the p400 instead

  • G wagon had the advantage because it had a central tow bar....

  • benz - the best or nothing

  • American muscles baby

  • Try all 3 on the same brand and tread patern of tyre for a start... #stupidnews

  • Its depend on the wheels type only

  • Why didn't you use the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with the turbo diesel v6 in this test? More closely matches the Mercedes - at least in specs. Certainly not in price. I'll stick with the Rubicon - by far the best value @ $60k.

  • Can we see Infiniti Q50/Q60 Red Sport 400 or G37s in the near future??

  • If you've ever done any off roading then you'll know it's all about the tyres. Plus Landovers come with road tyres because on 99% if them it's all they ever need. Very few are used in anger.

  • 2 mins of silence for the cone which got rekt for no reason

  • More of these tug-o-jokes ... I mean it's getting annoying that carwow literally suggests that this actually means something, perhaps concluding that this has anything to do with REAL WORLD offroad ability or that it's sort of a comparison, and fooling hundreds of thousands of people in to believing it ... ?? Why? At least label this as utterly irrelevant, purely for poop and laughter, so that people don't actually consider this as something other than a joke.

  • I just hope everyone knows better than to even go near to a land rover in this day and time. There's a huge lack of them on the road because maintaining them is absurd

  • Im a great fan of your's.❤

  • Power has little to do with it. Weight always wins a tug of war as long as traction is adequate.

  • Jeep got so much traction it's not even funny

  • But who would be seen dead driving a Jeep???

  • Tires - is 50% of success!

  • I love Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Jeep

  • 💯🔥💙👍

  • Why don't you show us a fair test? G wagon against 6.4l Hemi Rubicon. V8 vs V8. Fair test?

  • Land rover center diff is hopeless front and rear locking diffs are better you cannot tell the difference from the old yellow and red leavers on the series cheap diff lock

  • The Jeep two wins