Toyota GR Supra 2.0-litre review: better than the 3.0-litre?

Avaldati 10 veebr 2021
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This is the all-new 2.0-litre Toyota Supra!
No, that’s not a typo. There’s a new 2-litre 4 cylinder Supra in town! So we just have one question: Why?!
Toyota’s official line is that it offers a cheaper entry point for people wanting to get their hands on a Supra, which it does. So those of you looking to get a brand new Supra for less than £50,000 will now be able to. However, rather than being graced with the 340hp & 500Nm the 3-litre offers you, you’ll have to make do with 258hp and 400Nm.
However, there’s one big factor you need to consider - it’s only £6,000 less than the 3-litre! So with that in mind, is it really worth it? Or should you just save up a little bit more and go for the 3-litre? Mat’s here to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:40 Price
01:16 Exterior Design
02:20 Interior
03:44 Boot
04:51 Five Annoying Features
06:58 Five Good Features
07:59 Performance
09:09 Drifting
09:35 Driving
11:29 Verdict
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  • Hey Mat here. Does size matter 😂?

    • yes and no

    • Emm what is the context, sir? 😆😆

    • These supra videos frustrate me. It's as if everybody forgot that in the 90s it was the four cylinder supras kicking ass at the racetrack. There's a reason factory Toyota teams NEVER ran 2jz supras in the 90s and instead ran the 4 cylinder 3s supras.

    • Yes

    • Small is beautiful as they say but bigger can do more 😁

  • I drove one yesterday with an after market exhaust and it was perfecttttt

  • I mean with 2 litres, it really should be called a Celica right?

  • I missing the noooiisse...

  • They should call it "The new shell for your old LS-Engine" and not a "supra"

  • 5:37 this is the end of the review.

  • It seems straightforward and honest that what you're trying to say is quite obvious in the entire episode.

  • Toyota should have done the new supras with Mercedes 6 cylinder from CLS53 4 cylinder from A45s

  • Castrol Tom's 97 Supra was 4 cylinder.

  • If a youngster is struggling for insurance how tf are they affording a supra to start with

  • Pa cuando la versión en español 😁❤️

  • 9:22 noice

  • 9:28 lol tokyo drift LOL

  • Japan with all the tech and stuff still uses BMW's idrive.... 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • With the huge savings in price and weight, you can tune it close to 300hp and easily beat the 6cyl and still have money left over.

  • This car will be soooo cheap after 3yrs. It will not hold any value.

  • Why not just call it a Celica?😎

  • Designed by Ann Summers

  • His wife gave him the same review

  • Its so ugly , who cares what's its even like.

  • It doesn't make sense that Toyota makes a sports car, the Supra base on a BMW sports car. The Supra maintenance and parts are going to be more expensive because they are German.

  • want a supra, right, buy a z4

  • BMW B engine series surely the best in this decade

  • In this video matt is very aggresive!

  • mat seems pissed here.lockdown is getting to him i guess

  • This car is 110k pounds because of unbelievable taxes in my country

  • For everybody hating on the 4-cylinder Supra I would just like to point out that the fastest super in the 90s were the four cylinder ones. Have you people lived under a rock? Have you guys not played Gran Turismo? Long story short if you were at the racetrack in the 90s and when he races you are running the 4 cylinder super not the six cylinder. The 3s was just far superior to the 2J.

  • That intro was cringe af

  • To be fair, 0-60MPH in under 5 seconds isn't terrible for a 2 litre.

  • Toyota is that car that everybody admire but not anyone like to spend lot of money.

  • Hey, ignorant Britishit, Supra's had 4 cylinder engines always except the fourth gen Supra. That's the point for the four cylinder.

  • I'm only here to hear Matt talking and his comedy's, never gets boring😂

  • Hey mar in México R8 twin turbo 2000 hp Is the youtuber Alfredo Valenzuela

  • I love this 4cyl supra because its gonna depreciatelike crazy so i might afford one some day :)

  • i thing that service and repairs wold be cheap

  • i thing that service and repairs wold be cheap

  • i thing that service and repairs wold be cheap

  • It does mase sense....thats why i will buy one

  • Okay, so when a performance hatchback (A45 AMG) has an 2.0 litre engine it's cool, but when a performance sportscar (Supra) has a 2.0 litre engine it's a big no no? Why?

  • the front looks dated, imo

  • This Toyota will not age as well as people have come to expect. BMW engines are no way as reliable, and as a result when some miles are put onto it, it becomes a money pit.

  • What a completely pointless and expensive car! Why have Toyota decided to ruin the Supra name like this? Back in the 90's a Supra was considered right up there with the best of them, BMW M cars, Ford Cosworths, Nissan Skylines, EVOs etc. Fast forward to 2021 and this "Supra" is less powerful than most hot hatches. I can only hope that Toyota sell very few and learn from their mistake.

  • Will it slide... In the wet? A shopping cart can slide in the wet.

  • This car would've looked better if it had the design of the Toyota 86GT, that car looks waaay better than the Supra.

  • Matt said all right: It's BMWupra, BMW, not a Toyota...

  • Hark! The term "Proper". British term that has caught on with the automotive community. Perpetuated by one Matt Watson. The term fits the Supra 4 cylinder as a sportscar for the people.

  • 1337 quarter mile. That's dope.

  • And scratch abit and it’s a bmw

  • Ewwwwwww

  • The new supra looks shit. And it’s just a BMW inside. It’s so disappointing.

  • Nice car, but this guy is a bit annoying.

  • The money they used to try and get cheap people to buy the 4 cylinder (it’s not even that much less expensive if we are being completely honest.) they could have created a manual option for the “actual” 6 cylinder Supra consumer/enthusiast.🙄

  • Why does Matt seem a tad agitated this time round?

  • Never thought engine bay can be used as storage space.. Thank you Toyota for making space in the engine bay and which is more practical 😂

  • I wonder where do they get they suitcases, at much as he throws them they might actually be bulletproof.

  • Lexus is350 F has more power

  • I would rather they brought back the Celica with a 4 cylinder engine, and made it more affordable than the Supra.

  • Cannot stand this guys attitude!

  • Fake vents on a car like this are criminal

  • Those headlights look so damn ugly

  • 3:42 no one will know what he just said there, unless you watch him talk regularly 🤔 ("oah" when translated to English it's "I Like That")

  • about my opinion this should be a celica

  • Nice but should be at least10k cheaper

  • Can you make a video about the new Dacias?

  • when the 3.0 sees the 2.0 : peasant

  • what an ugly BMW I mean Toyota

  • I bet that 8spd automatic weights a ton. I bet they could get the weight to under 3000lbs with a manual transmission...which would make the 4inch perform as hard as the 6incher.

  • Id rather buy an 86, more fun, manual, and its not a bmw

  • Oh how times have changed ;-) It's like a Keith Chegwin/Tiff Needell mashup, saying a 4 cylinder sounds great 😂 Love the channel Mat 👍

  • Went on and watched the 3.0l review as suggested. I think Toyota have made a mistake. 6k of a difference when all it'll take is a £500 remap on the 4cylinder to get it up to over 300hp! Yeah, might not sound as good but that'll be the only major difference at that point. 20odd years ago, that's why AR didn't put the 3.0l in the standard 156, otherwise noone would have bothered buying the GTA. And this is worse as you're basically telling us that apart from the seats and wheels, it's like for like!

  • 3:39 the red leathery bits on the steering remind me of the Mazda RX-8.

  • I'd say this (WITH A MANUAL, Toyota!) might be a great buying-my-first-RWD-car option :) You wouldn't want to loose your virginity with a black dude, would you... :D

  • I had the opportunity to drive the Supra GR and a Mercedes CLA 35 AMG, they are almost in the same price segment. Honestly, I would rather buy the Mercedes, it felt much more fun and aggressive then the new Supra - and the interior is just utterly ugly in my opinion especially the steering wheel.

  • Did in the beginning Matt said bruh like nothing hahaha

  • Mat is on maximum twat with this review.

  • Ffs toyota I've always wanted a toyota supra but not like this what have you done ...

  • 1000hp

  • It was kinda quick though

  • 13.37 for a 1/4 mile is good for a 2L car. I own a 1.6L car and it takes 13. 37 days to do a 1/4 mile.

  • Got me by surprise on the Tokyo drift music haha

  • Haha the idiots complaining about the 4 cylinder Supra, the 4 cyl Supra is made for swap modders! They will yank out the B48 motor and swap in a 2JZ! So theres no point of paying extra 15k for the 6 cyl Supra if you’re gonna put a real Supra engine, the 2JZ

  • Bill Gates ... Climate change ...

  • Great vid

  • Where was the 0-60 recorded? Down the steepest hill you could find? With a tail wind? Thats bloody quick.

  • The old enigne from the supra is way better 🔝🔝💪

  • Just buy a Toyota 86 or BRZ, and you still get RWD and most importantly a Manual option. All for nearly 20K less.

  • 9:23 Respect to that Swift Camera car following the drift lol

  • First Toyota makes the Supra a BMW with no manual option, and now tries to sell us a 4 cylinder one as well? Disappointing.

  • Being a BMW inside, is it reliable though?

  • wait why didn't they put this engine in the 86

  • 8:42 that's what she said -_-

  • Jaguar F type? Goodluck with its reliability.

  • Hmmm errrm no.. i dont know.. yes probably.. we are talking bout cars right?

  • Nice BMW mate 🥲

  • Review on the new Skoda Octavia VRS?

  • Hope it's more affordable for us... For this 4 cylinder engine

  • Looks a bit like RX-8 interior

  • They should put the new bmw m3 engine in the supra with 510hp standard.

  • I'll take the v6

  • I think someone was abit horny or frustrated while making this review 😂😂